These Dreams – Sunday Morning #31

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These Dreams

I haven’t slept well for years. My internal clock just will not reset and allow me to get even six hours of uninterrupted sleep. At best, I get four in a row and sometimes not that. As a result, I have become a champion napper and sleep at odd times night and day. I usually dream but never remember them … not even little bits and pieces. Lately though, I have been having really strange dreams. Not the kind that wake you in the middle of the night heart pounding and scared.

These dreams are so real … vivid … yet, I still don’t remember what happened. You see, these dreams are snippets of time … maybe no more than five minutes, but seem so real and last for hours. They happen during the time I am winding down from the day by reading, watching TV, or playing a game on my iPad. My eyes get heavy and that is the last thing I remember until I wake up and realize I had been dreaming. The dreams are always pleasant and I wake momentarily refreshed and happy … but I remember nothing but the vividness, the reality, the almost more real than real feeling of the dream.

I am not disturbed by them but intrigued. I look forward to them now and am surprised when I don’t have a short dream session before falling into a deeper sleep. They bring more questions than anything. Where do I go during these brief periods of dreaming? What do these dreams mean in the grand scheme of things since I can only remember they are happy but nothing of their substance? Are they really dreams or a quick trip to another realm that is my happy place?

If only I could remember one so I could know that place of happiness that I seem to return to just before real sleep takes me. Perhaps I am not meant to know just yet. In time all will be known or they will disappear. Dreams fascinate me and these in particular. They remind me of a quote by Chuck Todd, “Everyone is trying to read the last page of the book.” He of course was referring to the current events of our country and the continuous upheaval and uncertainty. For me, I don’t want to read that last page because the dreams may never return.

© 2017 Annie Personal Commentary

Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

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