Challenge ~ Writing Outside The Lines

August 11, 2015 – posted by Annie

Welcome to Writing Outside the Lines very first prompt.

Respond to the upcoming prompt in you favorite writing mode … poetry, micro poetry, short story, micro story … you are the writer … all genres are welcome!

To participate, respond to the prompt and then link your response back to your website, FaceBook site, Tumblr, etc. in the comments section. Take time to read and comment the links of other participants. If you don’t have a website or a place to link to, simply post your response in the comments section. If this becomes a space issue, I will work out another method. However, is a free website and easy to navigate.

Prompt #1 – August 11, 2015:

This weeks prompt is – Write to this phrase – a wild hair (hare)!

You have until Saturday the 15th to post your response … be bold, be wild, be crazy, be daring, but most of all … HAVE FUN!

23 thoughts on “Challenge ~ Writing Outside The Lines

  1. Rebellious

    Never was the kind
    All around me
    They dropped out
    Rebellious me
    I wouldn’t buy the plan
    Artist with an
    Independent mind

    Decades dragged
    Some flew by
    Dragged down
    By broken dreams
    Now what the fuck to do

    Some things just won’t fly
    Some things just aren’t fair
    Watching life circling the drain
    Time to fight or flee
    If I fail
    At least I tried
    Watch my wild hair
    As I walk away

    Β© Robert Mihaly 2015

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  2. A wild hair

    On my head sits hair that used to be brown
    Steaks of gray mark the tests of time
    It’s really no bother, for I earned each and everyone
    But my badge of honor that I wear with pride is the wild hair in white that grows and muliplies!
    I part my hair so all can see- my wild hair.. The best part of me!!

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