Sunday Morning – #12

… and then there were dragons

Akela Taka's Digital Artwork

…and the place where there will be dragons … I saw this phrase outside a cave and just had to explore.

Deep inside where the sun never reaches, is a cave…the place where there will be dragons…if you believe. My favorite dragon is a very shy little guy, called Gareth. He is as lovely inside as out. His skin is a beautiful blending of emerald, sapphire, purple and gold that shimmers when he moves. This is constant because Gareth loves to talk and cannot talk without moving.

Gareth doesn’t talk to just anyone. He has had the misfortune of being teased unmercifully his entire life. You see, Gareth is not a fire-breathing dragon. He does have delightful curls and wisps of smoke trailing from has skin..smelling deliciously like barbecue. I love him dearly, as he loves me. He is my dragon, and I am his girl.

Not being fire-breathing, Gareth does have a very special talent….he can move time for anyone who is deserving. Not many people or dragons for that matter are aware of his gift. Not only has Gareth shared his secret gift with me, but on more than one occasion has moved time for me.

Because it is so very secret, I cannot at this time share the reasons or ways or just why he moved time for me. Each time, the move was very necessary and on one occasion was life saving.

Gareth is attempting to be more outgoing and social. When I visit daily, he will now meet me at the entrance to his cave. Soon he has promised me he will step outside so we both can enjoy the full beauty of sunlight on his skin. His cave has a crystal skylight for lack of a better term, and we know how that light makes him glow. We both wonder just how different the sunlight will look on his skin.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day, but I won’t push him into something he isn’t ready to try. I love him too much to ever hurt him in any way. My deepest fear is sunlight will damage his fragile skin, so cave visits are just fine until there is more known. The crystal room is our special place.

Copyright © 2013 Annie – Original Fiction
Always, I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie
Original Post 5/3/2013
*NOTE: This was written 4 years ago and I still love this little story … hope you enjoy it as well!

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