The Doll Maker – Sunday Morning #28

Source: We Heart It

The Doll Maker

People called him The Doll Maker. Nobody ever wondered aloud why every doll had the same face … or so it seemed to him.

Tall began when his daughter Sophia dies. Ever time he made a new doll her face was the one looking back at him. Did everyone see Sophia’s face … or … was her feet image burned into his brain and that is all he saw anymore in the dolls he created.

The village called him The Doll Maker because every new baby born had a doll created in its image for the parents. They were able to choose the age from infant to some important age milestone in the child’s first five years of life.

With this new dilemma, he was afraid his time as The Doll Maker was growing short. At this time though no one said anything about all the dolls looking like Sophia. They kept coming to him … kept ordering special dolls of their own children.

One day his wife found him staring at a shelf of newly created dolls and muttering to himself. She walked over and gave him a loving hug. “I miss her too, you know,” she told him brushing away tears.

“What do you see on the shelf?” he wanted to know.

“I see all the special order dolls from our friends and neighbors,” she replied.

“Do they look like their children?” he asked.

‘Of course they do. In fact, your dolls look even more realistic with each new one you make,” his wife assured him.

“I am afraid they all look like our sweet Sophia. Her face is all I see when I make dolls since her death.”

Looking him directly in the eyes, “Believe me. They are all perfect examples of the children they represent.” “You have Sophia in your soul. You see her face while you work. However, she heads you, guides you to create the perfect reflection of each new doll ordered. I hear you talking to her as you work. You know Sophia will always lead you to do your best work.”

From her place of honor, The Sophia doll felt her heart swell with pride. She knew her father still grieved her loss, yet she would forever be with him directing his hand to make all the parents happy and proud with the most beautiful doll possible of their child.

© 2017 Annie Original Fiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

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