Day 8 – Story A Day in May Challenge – My Aunt Joe

The Prompt

Write A Story With a “Cinderella Story Structure”


My Aunt Joe

Like so many of her age, life was not easy. Her family did the best they could with what they had. They never starved or struggled, but there were few extras. Clothing all handmade for the girls, shirt for her father and the boys as well who wore overalls or as her father called them gallaces. Shoes were only for the winter and those became too small before the weather warmed enough to free their toes to the sand and sun.

Life wasn’t easy, but everyone worked for what they had. In the beginning, a tidy comfortable cabin that didn’t leak or have wind blowing through the walls as those of their neighbors during winter and spring storms. Later, a proper house, out buildings, barns and even a grape arbor was built, but nothing fancy, just comport for a large southern family.

Everyone knew how to hunt, garden, put by the crops, herd cattle, milk a cow, and live off the land if and when necessary. Food was sacred and she and her siblings ate what was on the table at each me or nothing. She never really learned to cook because of school and chores after. Her mother could make a meal of anything on a moments notice and anyone happening by at meal time was invited to join them for the merger fair that was always accompanied with either hot biscuits or crispy cornbread and butter. Desserts were an occasional treat, but at the end of each meal there was always a jar of molasses or cane syrup for something sweet.

She was the first child in the family to graduate from high school. Her older brother and maiden aunt made her dream of more education come true. Between the two of them she was able to attend business school and become a secretary.

Hers was not the only rags to riches story during the depression, but her life became one of her dreams. A good marriage, brick home and a dream job as an executive secretary for a large company. A true dream for women in the years after the depression.

The only think lacking, the only part of her dream that was never realized was being a mother. Instead, she and her husband gave that love to a nieces and nephews to help their dreams come true.


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Non-fiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Story A Day in May Challenge – My Aunt Joe

  1. Unlike many of the things cited to justify calling people like this part of the “greatest generation”, this story rings true and does exactly that. I fear this nation has lost that, and returning to so-called “conservative roots” and religious belief is not the answer to getting back to self-sufficiency. We need to stop always taking the easy path to things.

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