Sunday Morning – #18 – Iris

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Iris always knew she was different. She saw and heard things no one else did or she reacted to them differently than others.

She also felt she didn’t belong in her own family … or anywhere really. Not that she was treated differ, but she just didn’t fit in. At times, she even felt she didn’t know her parents – she would look at them and all she saw were strangers.

Iris spent her life searching for answers … trying to find out her differentness. Her mother told her she was unique and destined for wonderful things in her life. Yet, Iris felt … believed … everyone knew what the problem was and were keeping secrets. Even her grandmother told her not to go looking for something not there – or at times to not ‘borrow’ trouble – whatever that meant.

Books and reading were her escape. She loved all kinds of books and enters her own world in fiction, non-fiction, or researching a topic looking for answers to all of her questions.

Iris spent her life looking for answers that seemed to be just out of reach. One day while reading she found this Jay Asher quote “ … know me … don’t’ see me with your eyes … “

This quote did what o one else could do for her … not her mother … not her grandmother … none of her own research. Suddenly, she realized that everyone ‘knew’ her – really knew her while she was only seeing herself with her own eyes and not trusting the eyes and hearts of all the other who really knew her. For the first time in her life, Iris felt real freedom … freedom to be anyone and/or anything she wanted to be!

Words are important and for Iris, the words of Jay Asher were life changing.

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Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

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