Day 6 Story A Day in May: The Smell of Evil

Day 6: Story A Day in May

Today we’re turning yesterday’s prompt inside out.

The Prompt:

Write a story about a character as unlike you as you can manage


Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It


The Smell of Evil

I grew up Southern Baptist … the hell fire and brimstone variety that would get you straight to hell for wearing shorts, going to a school dance or heaven forbid tasting anything alcoholic. During my lifetime I altered my beliefs and realized if I was going to hell it would take much more than the above mentioned list of sins to get me there.

I met our evil by accident and I knew for sure by the smell. It wasn’t the odor of burning sulfur that we were taught to be the scent of brimstone. No … the smell of our evil came wrapped around a big city woman (or so she said) who was known to chase any man who was taken. She refused to settle for single men, but went straight for every married man available.

We watched her cut a wide swath through the married men in our town. My close friends and I vowed she would never ever get near our husbands. She continued one by one to topple men with her evil ways … a Succubus with black hair and red lips.

My husband promised me he would never let that bitch (as he called her) near him. The  night he came home smelling of Salems (with a hint of the finest weed available), Chardonnay, Shalimar with just a side note of opening night at the Ball Park … I knew all was lost to evil and she had won.

She disappeared the next day never to be seen again. My friends and I made a silent pact and swore one another to secrecy. No one even cared when (that bitch) as my husband still called her disappeared … but our town and our men were never ever the same.


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Flash Fiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie


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