Day 11 – Story a Day in May – PERKS!

The Prompt

Write a story in which the setting is key



My special place … my favorite place. An old world shop tucked out-of-the-way on a side road from the town square. The place to treat myself not only to excellent coffee and variety of baked goods … but a place of peacefulness when the world is crazy.

The building is from the late 1800s or early 1900s. Originally a combination pharmacy and soda fountain like so many small towns in Texas. A place to meet and greet, see and be seen. Very like the one where my parents met in my hometown. Over the years things changed but the building basically stayed the same. A natural stone facade with huge plate class windows flanking a recessed glass and wooden door entry.

The original entry paint long forgotten is now a classic green-grey. Opening the thumb-latch door I am greeted with the tinkling of a small bell. A welcoming sound for patrons and an alert to the current owner that someone has come inside.

Today, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and warm chocolate chip cookies greets my senses and causes my mouth to water immediately. Just inside on either side are a display of quilts, fabrics, patterns and knitted items. My eye is always drawn to the section that was previously the soda fountain. Nothing much has changed there except the counter stools and metal soda tables and bistro chairs have been removed. All along the counter in sparkling glass domed cake plates are a variety of baked goods to tempt any taste bud. Brownies, huge cookies – fresh chocolate chip today, along with peanut butter, sugar and more. Banana muffins as well as lemon, blueberry and my very favorite Cinnamon Pecan. Behind the counter where brightly colored soda syrups once stood is a huge professional espresso machine as well as a regular coffee maker. Replacing the soda syrups are now flavored coffee syrups and Italian ice flavorings.

Toward the back door is an inviting sitting area with two comfy overstuffed couches and colorful throw pillows. Also are several marble-topped tables placed around a huge stone fireplace. Each table along the back wall has a small lamp to add to the overall ambiance … perfect low-level lighting that is relaxing. Some tables are set with chess or checker sets for people to challenge one another. Others are empty and encourage quiet conversation or a place to read and/or write as coffee and pastries are enjoyed.

The back door leads to a courtyard for those who prefer subdued natural light and tables for regulars who meet daily at an appointed time. This is also the place for smokers to enjoy their habit and not interfere with those who are nonsmokers. With all the old world interior charm there are high tin tiled ceilings with slow turning ceiling fans and the unmistakable whisper of air-conditioned coolness to bring us back to the present to beat the heat of the day. And…a must for customer convenience free wi-fi and soothing background music.

This place is my guilty pleasure. Originally a treat to myself after physical therapy sessions as I recovered from a severe arm injury. But this little old world coffee shop with my own back corner table is now my retreat where I can spread out books, journal, laptop and iPad as I lose myself in the universe of words and people watch. This is the perfect hiding place for a writer! I can drink amazing coffee, nibble on decadent baked goods while wrangling words in my mind and on paper. My secret place to pick up kernels of conversation and people watch as others begin to come in seeking a quiet place for their lunch and a place to curl up on a comfy couch to read.

PERKS has a little something for everyone. A perfect place of comfort and slight mystery. A guilty escape for anyone who has discovered this little known small town gem.


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Nonfiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie


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