It Happened Last Night – Day 4

Day 4: Story a Day in May

Writing Prompt: First Person Story

Some people love first person some people hate it. Either way you’re using it today.

The Prompt

Write a story in the first person


It Happened Last Night

It was early evening just after full dark when I heard that unmistakable noise moving rapidly toward town from the south. My first thought was there had been a horrible car wreck or other accident and the medevac helo was flying over my house on its way to the nearby football field where it could land safely. The next thought came when I realized it was not the medevac which has a high-pitched whine when it flies low over the oak grove on the north side of my house. The sound I was hearing was definitely that rapid ‘whop whop whop’ of more than one military helicopters.

Flying low the noise was deafening as they buzzed my house from south to north. When I realized this was not just a fly over as they traveled west to one of several military bases they began making another low pass. Why were they buzzing my neighborhood in a rural central Texas town situated in the Colorado River valley 75 miles north of Fort Hood? From inside, I couldn’t tell how many helicopters were making that amount of noise. Curiosity got the best of me so I headed outside to look for the noise makers. I stood in the side yard to see how many were flying and where. But… I kept asking why?

I determined quickly that there were several, but just how many at this point I couldn’t tell. Suddenly I saw a single helicopter moving from east to west over my house. It swung slightly north when it reached my oak grove with all the red warning lights flashing. Since it was dark and no moon, I couldn’t tell what kind of helicopter it was, but it turned west leveled off then headed south toward Highway 6. Flying south for a brief time, this helicopter banked to the southeast and headed toward downtown. About the same time a second helicopter flew over me following the same semi-elliptical path as the first.

I few minutes later, I heard a heavier deeper sound coming from due south. This one was larger than the other two and had a search light on the undercarriage. Moving to a more open area of the yard, I saw it heading directly toward me dropping lower on its bath due north. This third helicopter seemed to be scanning me as I stood in the yard looking up following its path. To the east, I heard the first helicopter. The larger third one banked west and took the path of the smaller two before it.

In a strange night-time ballet, these three helicopters followed the same path for sever more loops around town … overly house from the east, a slight turn north then west before closing the loop to the southeast. During this 15 minute repeated flight, the same path was followed with the helicopters spaced about two-three minutes apart in a straight line … the two smaller ones leading and the bigger one bringing up the rear. What were they looking for?

Just before I went inside, they tightened the space between them, flew farther south, then east to the top of the eastern ridge that created the town boundary. Next they flew due north past that city limit and slowed their pace while tightening the single file line. Standing in the middle of the street, I watched them create an ever-widening circle around my little town.

Once inside, I turned on the TV to a local station thinking there would be a news crawl explaining this strange fly over. Nothing on the fist one. I channel surfed to the other local stations and still nothing about helicopters flying in circles over central Texas.

This flight pattern continued for about 45 minutes before the ‘whop whop whop’ began to fade. As suddenly as they moved into town from the south, they were gone. I didn’t know which direction they left … the rumbling disappeared.

The strangest thing about this military ‘maneuver’ was that during the entire Jade Helm exercise earlier in the year there was not one helicopter fly over.

Definitely a little excitement in rural central Texas on an otherwise boring evening. Nothing was mentioned during the 10pm news broadcast about this military action. Even stranger than the helicopters suddenly appearing and then disappearing, the neighborhood dogs were completely silent during this 45 minute exercise. When the helicopters were gone, their frenzied barking once again continued.

Copyright © 2016 Annie Original NonFiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie


11 thoughts on “It Happened Last Night – Day 4

  1. Very strange happening. The only times I’ve had a helicopter in my area was during a bad accident on the nearby interstate and once when a domestic problem turned into a hostage situation. Both times, it was a TV station chopper. Your military choppers make for a mystery. 😛

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    • My area is military central … Ft Hood to the south and 3 different Air Force bases to the west and northwest … all within a 300 mike radiance. Until they closed the missile silos in Abilene a couple hours away we were ground zero for any enemy air strike … now it is Ft Hood only 75 miles away same thing

      Liked by 1 person

      • In the 50’s and 60’s, there was a Nike site on the Lake Erie shore on the east side of Cleveland. That was also described as a major target. Now there’s a wildlife refuge there. Big Win-win. There’s way too much emphasis on the military coming from the right wing.

        Liked by 1 person

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