Sabra – Sunday Morning #22

Sabra - this one

Source: We Heart It


During the day Sabra was someone people rarely noticed. She was a student of ballet, but knew her dreams of dancing … really dancing would never be realized. So, she worked hard at her day job at the local university library. This job would never make her rich, but Sabra had enough to live comfortably and pay for weekly ballet lessons.

Her small university town had a local ballet group … not professional enough to be called a company. She had small parts for holiday productions but would never have the prima ballerina roles she dreamed of dancing.

When she wasn’t cast in a dancing role, she was always part of any crew that needed help. Anything to keep her in the theater. She had an amazing talent and artful eye for costumes and scenery. Several of her designs had been used for both. Sabra accepted and realized this talent, but her passion, her lover was to dance.

Sabra had the first dream on the night of the Fall Equinox. With that dream, she couldn’t even remember it in the morning. Gradually as the dreams increased in frequency and clarity … becoming more and more real than dreams.

During the day, Sabra did her job, drew costumes during breaks and lunch, but longed to rushed home to take care of mundane house-hold tasks. Those done, she would settle into bad as soon as possible chasing her dreams…her passion…the dance.

About six months after the dreams began, she realized her world was completely turned upside down. She no longer woke from the night-time dreams of dancing. She was now the primary in all of her favorite ballets. Somewhere in the back of her mind … reality … Sabra knew she was still going to work, to classes, doing daily tasks, but all she remembered … all she knew … were the dreams. The dreams that allowed her to live her passion and dance every night in dreams.

Copyright © 2017 Annie
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

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