Prompt 4 – August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015 – Picture Prompt

From Writers Write

From Writers Write

1. Suzanne Carey

So many words running through my mind.. Looking for the focus to pull them all together. My mind racing, my eyes searching.. I know it’s out there.. My muse.. A thought, a vision, a memory.. It’s out there and I will find it.

© 2015 Suzanne Carey


2. Robert Mihaly

There are stories waiting to be written. This one waited through a week and halfway through another before seeing the light of day. Just as in a cluttered house, it’s hard to find some things in a cluttered mind. For me, a day is about decisions…what to do first…what can be delayed. Procrastination is not unknown, but it’s more a question of deciding which entry on a never-ending list will hurt the least if it’s bumped down a slot or five. Today, there are bills to pay, and then I’ll decide what rose to the top of the list. An overloaded house says I need to hold a garage sale or two. As I think about that list, it would be easy to throw up my hands in despair, as others who could help shorten it seem inclined only to make it longer. I didn’t know when I sat down to write, that I was about to write about responsibilities, but so it goes. Maybe there is a method to my madness. I only hope those who truly know me continue to pull for me. None among us is really the Lone Ranger. Do a kindness, and offer a helping hand when you can.

© 2015 Robert Mihaly


4. Wild Thing


On a moon filled night . . . what story do I tell?
On a moon filled night . . . what story do I tell?
Which Story to Tell?

Ah a story to tell
There are many within me
Which to tell
Now that’s the question

Of a wild child
Running free
Grown up too soon
At the hands
Of a trusted adult

Perhaps the young woman
Married too soon
Facing challenges
While teaching the challenged
Haunting smoky pool halls at night

Oh the biker woman
Black leather clad
Harley rumbling ‘neath her
Trusted advisor
Wielding power wisely

Caretaker woman child
Watching first one
Then the other parent die
Helping them each
Find the light

A Dying woman
Hearing a voice
Call to her “Stay, I’m coming”
So she rises
Stronger and wiser

The sad lonely woman
Wishing on a blue moon
Please Goddess above
Send me someone
To fill this void

All with a story to tell
Each with laughter
Some sadness
Triumphs and failures
As life has at times

But the hidden woman
Who lights candles
Chants the words
Finds strength in darkness
Is the one
who helped them all . . . survive

© 2015 Wild Thing


4. Annie

Some Poetry on Raymond Carver’s Prose on Poetry

Carver as an older teen

happened to meet a

gentleman who changed

his life…

his writing in general…

Poetry in particular

After reading his

Prose on Poetry

experience I

compared my

writing mentors…


to his experience

Poetry freedom for

me happened when

I was told poetry

DID NOT have to


My eyes were opened

and the words could

flow freely across

virgin pages lined

in blue

Like Carver, Poetry

magazine is a must


Unlike Carver, I

have not submitted

An ongoing decision

that must be made

Copyright © 2015 Annie – Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

This is submitted for the weekly writing challenge I post at one of my other sites and inspired by the writing Some Pose on Poetry from Carver’s last book of poetry written while he was dying of lung cancer … A New Path to the Waterfall (1989). I have been studying his collective poetry, and this book is by far my favorite.


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