Day 9 – A Story A Day in May – My Name is Scottie

The prompt

Write a story based on the Ugly Duckling structure


My Name is Scottie

My name is Scottie. No not the Star Trek Scottie. I had my  name long before those movies were made. I was born late in 1939 or early 1940 … no one ever told me the exact date, but I always use 1940  as the year of my birth … no month, no day … just the year.

I was loved. Pampered and well cared for all my life. My human was so proud of me and he showed that pride daily. With his help, I survived children and a grandchild or two before the time came for both of us to retire.

My human put me in my own quarters as I had been most of my life, but I knew the last time he closed the doors was the last time we would be together just the two of us as we had been daily since I became his.

My human, Scott Johnson, decided we must stop our daily outings. He was having a bit of trouble seeing properly and wanted to protect us both. I had a few blemishes by then but nothing that ruined my overall beauty.

Let me tell you about myself. I am a 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe. Factory tan with all the bells and whistles that were available when I was created including running boards, winged hood ornament, fog lights, heater, and the best of all a push button AM radio. Two wide doors gave easy access to the roomy back seat. I ran on a three speed vacuum shift transmission. By the time my human garaged me that transmission would stick in second gear when reverse was the one needed! Oh how I missed our daily outings, but Scott, my human, visited me often. He would wipe the dust away that drifted through the wooden walls and kept my windows clean and sparkling just in case.

1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe Tan

1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe Tan

When son Lacey visited, I always got a spin around town giving the grands their tradition trip to the store for more sleeping candy and on to the Dairy Cup for ice cream. I loved those visits because I got out to breathe, stretch my tires and get my motor pumping in the sun!

The girl across the street always visited with the grands when they came. She loved me and my wide back seat for those drives around town … and secretly gave me the name Scottie and I loved it.

Soon the grands were no longer children and the visits became fewer. The girl across the street and her mom often visited my human and I thought of them as my family. When she began driving, Scott decided I should belong to her. I was overjoyed with the idea, but when my human offered to give me to her, allowing me to live in my own garage her father refused. The two men talked back and forth for weeks and came to the decision she could buy me, but I could not be a gift.

Decision made and I was so excited. I still had my human and would live in my own garage, but I also had a new family as well. My human wanted to sell me for a penny, but that was nixed by the father immediately. The final selling price for my girl’s first car was $35.

She loved me as did her mother. Together they spiffed me up. I had a full hand wax by the two of them and my paint positively glowed. Seat covers were made to protect my original upholstery from any future wear and tear.

My girl didn’t to drive me very much and rarely alone, but we had several month together before tragedy struck. A lady late for work ran a stop sign and took off my front bumper and smashed my hood. We were never together again which made both of us sad. My girl had plans to restore me completely, however, that was not in our future.

A family friend wanted me, wanted to bring me back to my original beauty. At that time I was the ripe old age of 35 and going to a new family. My girl and I said our goodbyes with tears and off I went for my restoration.

In my second life with my third family I sported a beautiful new white paint job, my blemishes repaired, and my chrome sparkled. When my new human…who lived only two blocks from my original home…drove me around our town. When we were out and about, my horn always honked on its own when I saw my girl!


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Non-fiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie


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