The Box – Sunday Morning – #26

Source: We Heart It


It arrived unexpectedly by mail on a steaming Thursday in July. There was no return address, the mailing label was typed of course, and the postmark blurred so the origin was a mystery.

To be sure, I had not ordered anything recently. Funds were short due to a lingering illness and lack of work hours, so I had not indulged myself with any online shopping in quite a while. No one I knew said anything about sending me something…so what was in that box.

The box sat on the breakfast bar for a couple of days. I would touch it as I walked by as though to Devine the contents by feel. However, something in my gut told me — DO NOT OPEN — at least not just yet.

This drive by behavior or touch and recoil continued well into the Fall. Finally, I told myself it had to be done. Just open the damned thing and get it over with!

The night of my birthday in late September after a delicious meal prepared by my then significant other, a glass or two of my favorite wine, it was TIME. Scissors in hand, I scored the packing tape. Pulling back the box flaps, I began removing layer after layer of bubble wrap. Some serious protection for what was hiding within. Finally, I reached the center. There it was, a small, almost tiny gift box, beautifully wrapped in silver embossed paper. Attached to the box was a note that said, “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS!”

Again, the waiting begins, the mystery continues. Again, no name, no signature, and the card was typed! Behind my back, Dale stood with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile playing around his lips that he quickly hid with a sip of wine.



First Posted 2/17/13 in Annie’s Texas Musings

Always, I wish you peace, joy, and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE. Enjoy the mysteries of life as they come to you!

As Ever, Annie


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