Day 1 – Story a Day in September – Murder by Design

Murder by Design

I know better than to break all the rules, but I MUST break some of them. Geoff has been on my last nerve for months. I cannot legally murder him … at least and get by with it. So, I must find a way to kill him off without actual murder.

When I first met him, Geoff was handsome, charming and the most available bachelor in the county. Things were wonderful during the beginning days of our new relationship and I was enchanted with his old world Southern charm. However, as days turned to weeks and weeks to months I realized he was not as he first seemed in the beginning.

He is still drop dead handsome and catches the eye of every female within a country mile, but he knows it and does more than maintain eye contact as he strolls by approving females. He manages to get contact information right under my nose. I have yet to catch him, but he has a growing collection of adoring female names, numbers and makes sure to follow-up with those contacts.

Now, I wasn’t born yesterday and know men are rarely faithful for long … but this is ridiculous and the only way I know to break him of this habit if things will be able to successfully move forward with us is to fight fire with fire so to speak.

To begin with, he expects me to be at his constant beck and call. Well folks, that is step one in my plan. I will be available on my terms. Texts will go unanswered for a few hours or not at all. His calls will go to voice mail that I will return in my own dear sweet time. I will have sudden late meetings at work or have to be out-of-town unexpectedly.

The first few times of Plan 1 as I started calling it made him totally crazy. This is exactly what I wanted to happen. His sudden obsession with my unavailability kept him from making connections with that growing list of contacts … the modern version of a mans Little Black Book.

I was sweetly apologetic, but unbending to his will of having me available on a whim. My job did require a certain amount of late work with new projects as well as travel, but I pushed the envelope with reality here. The first time I didn’t answer a text he called. That call went unanswered as well which led to a voice mail – also unanswered. I finally got back to him on my time and terms a few hours later. He was surprised at my behavior but bought the new project and working late story. I told him I could not take texts, calls, or messages at all hours for a while until this new project was put to bed. He understood, but that didn’t keep him from trying. Finally, I told him I would touch base at lunch if it wasn’t a working one and then again after I got home. This was a hard pill to swallow for him, but I liked my new-found freedom because he was smothering me until now and I really had not realized how much.

The next week, flowers began to arrive with sweet notes of missing me. I didn’t acknowledge the first delivery for 24 hours and he was nuts by the time I called to thank him. No excuse or explanation for why it took me that long to reply to his gift.

Later that week, little ‘I miss you’ gifts started arriving. My secretary was in on my plan and laughed every time she brought me a new delivery. I did acquire a nice collection of new jewelry during this time.

We spent some quality time during the weekend after his gifting binge and pouted when I told him I would be out-of-town for several days the next week. I was in fact, but these were day trips and which had me in my own bed each night. However, I didn’t see him for 3 days in a row that week and only texted him sporadically. He called way too much and left a barrage of voice mails that I answered on a most selective basis just before bedtime.

The next week, he started showing up at lunchtime wanted to take me out. No can do dude. Have to work through lunch this week to get everything finished on schedule. I knew he was frustrated with my unavailability, but I also knew it was keeping him busy trying to figure out how to contact me next and keeping him away from what I had began calling his ‘Bimbo List’.

Thursday afternoon of the stalking week I called him and invited him out for dinner Friday night. He was deliriously happy with the invitation and wanted to know what time to pick me up. My response was that I would send a car for him because I wasn’t sure how long I would have to work Friday and that the dinner site was a surprise. Then I dropped the next shoe … I would be away all weekend to hopefully complete the project and that I could not be contacted until I returned and called him.

Dinner went well and was at a restaurant he had been wanting to try. He expressed his frustration with how things had been the past month. I told him I was too and understood the frustration as well.

After dinner, I sent him home alone with the car service leaving him with these words …

“All good things come to those who wait – patiently.”

He did learn his lesson!

Copyright © 2016 Annie

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