Day 3 – Guest Prompt From Gabriela Periera – Famous Last Words

Day 3 – Guest Prompt From Gabriela Periera – Famous Last Words

The Prompt

Famous Last Words

Most prompts give you a place to start and let you take things from there. Today we’re going to flip the equation. I’m going to give you a last line and you need to write toward it. In other words, your assignment will be to write a piece that leads you to that last line.

The reason this prompt is so useful is that it exercises your brain in a new way. As writers, we’re used to taking a kernel of an idea and running with it, but it’s a totally different proposition to have a fixed ending and finding your way to it.

You may someday find yourself in a situation where you need to use this skill, like if you know your ending but haven’t figured out yet how to get there. This prompt is great practice for doing just that.

Take the last line from your favorite book or choose one from the list below. Now write a short piece that ends with that line.

My Choice: Sometimes you need to go big, or go home. List line from Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) Laurell K Hamilton.


Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

The Last Time

Our lives do not always play out as we planned. Things change, people change, love finds us and then leaves us without warning. My friends tell me to just suck it up and go one … ‘It is What it is’. I am not wired that way. I cannot easily forget, rarely forgive and have never been able to turn and walk away.

Things had been difficult between us for a while. Long periods of silence, cancelled plans, missed phone calls, and a series of questionable consequences leading me to believe our seven year relationship was not coming to an end, but fizzling out like the last Black Cat on the Fourth of July.

I decided months ago I could not be the one doing all the work to keep us together because things were not working regardless of what I said, did, or suggested. I laid everything in his lap and everything I thought we had together died. I mourned for a while. The loss of a long-time love is equal to death and deserved to be mourned as such.

When I thought I had begun to heal, never forget, but the raw emotions were not so raw and my feelings were returning to the previous cynical attitude I adopted with my last breakup was becoming the norm, the phone rang. I had given up counting the days…the months that had passed since his voice was on the other end. Not trusting the reason for an out of the blue call, I listened with skepticism. You wanted to meet over dinner and talk. Well it was about time he had the balls to contact me and officially end things instead of holding onto something that was long dead and turning to dust.

The meeting happened. Dinner at my favorite restaurant. Pleasant chit-chat catching up on the missing pieces, missing time, missing parts of us. Still not sure where this agenda was headed, I listened and evaluated. He wanted to begin again… start over and work through each of our issues.

When the evening was over, I turned kissed him gently and walked away for ever.

Sometimes you need to go big or go home.


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Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

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