Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 2.1

Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 2.1

“What if the world is holding its breath — waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill?”     ~David Whyte~

Our very first prompt for the second year of Writing Outside the Lines weekly writing challenge.

Use the above quote from poet David Whyte for this weeks prompt. Address the prompt in any genre you feel comfortable using. Remember you are in charge of your own words, there is no ‘right or wrong’ with this process other than to have FUN!

You have until Sunday, August 21, 2016 to share your writing … or when you feel the mood strike even after the 21st.

All prompts are active and feel free to go back to earlier ones if you have not been one of my Writing Rebels … the only challenge here is between you and what you have to write … the rules are few and open to everyone!

*For those new to this challenge, please read the particulars under the third tab that says “read first” https://annieswritingchallenge.wordpress.com/writing-outside-the-lines/ then return to the prompt page to post your response or your web site link in the comments section.

Copyright © 2016 Annie
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

17 thoughts on “Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 2.1

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  2. This is rather a long reply … but as this is the FIRST prompt of our second year … I wanted to say something and I didn’t want it posted on my blog as it’s really just something I wanted to share with our group…

    Like all Aquarians, or at least the ones I know, I live in my head and have many conversations there. One day I said, “Self, I want to write. I just would like to write, poetry, maybe a book.” But one of the people who occupy my head kept telling me I couldn’t “You’re a visual artist not a verbal one.” I agreed, let’s face it; hadn’t my conversations with others gotten me into some epic trouble?

    Then I became acquainted with micropoetry. I thought, couldn’t I do that? It was short, compact, pretty, and most of all looked easy. HAH! Little did I know! I sailed forth and set up a Twitter account to put my masterpieces out there and followed some popular Twitter prompt accounts for inspiration. I did not tell anyone I was doing this. If I was going to crash and burn, best that no one knew about it. No, I will not tell you here what its name is.

    With prompts in hand, I began to write. Trying to develop my own style and not copy anyone else’s that I had read. Of course, by not having told anyone, I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was any good. Using the designated hashtag however, did get the prompter to read what I had written. They all would retweet it of course. Which I realize was mostly to get others to notice their prompts, but it made me feel good and it got me followers who did retweet me! So I thought I was doing pretty good! Not great, but pretty good!

    When I would get a positive comment I really thought I had it made. But sadly, the really good micropoets were not commenting or retweeting my poems. (They didn’t know I existed so how could they?) As I became a little more confident, I did share with a few friends that I was doing this. Sometimes, one or two would retweet one or two of my little poems. Mostly they went unnoticed.

    I began to have doubts then about my writing. Then I had a very horrible experience, which I will not go into. Suffice it to say, I became extremely self-conscious about what I was writing.

    I wrote less and less. If I did write anything, a great deal of it went unposted. I kept thinking someone else might misinterpret my writing. Until eventually I just stopped. I then said it was okay. My inner dialog ran along the lines of it was horrible stuff anyway only fit for a good laugh at best.

    Then Annie started talking about beginning this blog site for prompts. I encouraged her as my inner writer perked up. This might be a safe haven for me. I wouldn’t have to be as exposed. So I said I would definitely be a part of it though I was not a writer and I would help promote it.

    When we began, I was shaking like a leaf … but I jumped in with both feet. What followed was the most amazing journey I have ever taken. I don’t have enough words or time to describe how incredible Annie has been to me. The gentle nudging, nurturing to outright cheerleading, she did has given my writer a voice. There is no way I can ever thank her enough or tell her that enough. She gave so much of her time and energy to me and I feel her presence whenever I sit down to write. There are many people in my life who have helped me, but in this area, no one and I mean no one, has helped me more than Annie.

    There was never a negative word spoken to me. Even when I submitted a clunker and I know I did quite a few times in the beginning. She would find a way to say something kind. Now every time I get a positive comment from someone I thank her mentally, without her, I wouldn’t be hearing those words.

    Doing this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to in my life including giving birth! Yet … a year later, here I am. Writing to prompts but more importantly, just writing. I don’t know if the world is waiting for me with bated breath or not. I don’t know if I’ll ever write a book, but if I do, I know how the dedication will read. “To Annie, with deep thanks and love … without whom this would not exist.”

    And with that said … I give you my first submission for this second year ….


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    • Shelly … I am sitting here in tears reading your reply … I am speechless and honored and so unworthy. You have so many talents and so many amazing gifts that were shelved due to the unkind events of several people. You have a personal style and voice that belongs to no other person and is totally and completely you … a writer who is observant, secure, articulate, touching, and an amazing crafter of words … never ever stop and I do see a book in your future … you have enough in your collection to create your first of many!

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    • All of us who started the last year here know who bucked us up when courage wasn’t up to snuff. Annie is the first person I could honestly say acted as a mentor for me. In my sculpture and ceramics endeavors, my teachers were critics and then competitors of a sort…never what I saw as mentors. So we all have Annie to thank for what we did in the past year, and it will carry us forward to whatever may come.

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