Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 34

Yes, I am a day early, but the prompt for this week is a bit different. I have been rolling this story around in my head for several years. This morning it finally gelled … or whatever. I am not sure it is in the final form, but I am sharing it with you any way. Read my story below, Easter Snow, and for your prompt response decide what the next part of the story will be. I don’t want to give away the ending, but you will have three choices when you get there. Pick one or all three for your response!

Read my story below and then respond …

Address the prompt in any genre you feel comfortable using. Remember you are in charge of your own words, there is no ‘right or wrong’ with this process other than to have FUN!

You have until Sunday, April 3, 2016 to share your writing … or when you feel the mood strike even after the 3rd.

All prompts are active and feel free to go back to earlier ones if you have not been one of my Writing Rebels … the only challenge here is between you and what you have to write … the rules are few and open to everyone!

*For those new to this challenge, please read the particulars under the third tab that says “read first” https://annieswritingchallenge.wordpress.com/writing-outside-the-lines/ then return to the prompt page to post your response or your web site link in the comments section

Copyright © 2016 Annie
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

Easter Snow

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

Several years ago when Easter fell in the middle of April, the Easter Bunny was fed up. He needed a break, a vacation, some time off and this Easter Sunday was cramping his style on more than one level.

Instead of going into an old ‘woe is me’ attitude, he sat down to problem solve his dilemma. Why did he always have to give up his vacation time in the spring when everything was warm, thawing out, and screaming ‘go to the beach’? He had to wait until after Easter every year to get some time off and of course that date was different each year because of the lunar cycle in relation to the Spring Equinox. This year was later than it had been in a long long time and he was in dire need of some time off.

Finally, Mr. Rabbit had a plan … he needed to get some things lined up, call in a few markers from some friends and he could book his ticket to Bora Bora the dream vacation he’d wanted forever.

His first contact was Mother Nature…she owed him for so many favors they both lost count over the years. Here’s the deal he told her … “I need a vacation NOW … not after this whole Easter thing is finished. I need to you to come up with a way for me to skip Easter and get my butt in the sun and sand.” She told him to give her a few and see what she could do.

This tired Bunny waited not so patiently for Mother Nature to finalize her plan so he could tell his travel agent to get him on the next flight outta here!

Hours later, Mother Nature got back to him with what she cooked up to help him, but it was up to him to make it work. She is good, but not that good! Her plan … a freak snow storm on Easter Sunday. We all know rabbits are not at their best in snow … with the exception of some of those Nordic breeds, which the Easter Bunny was NOT.

How is a freak snowstorm supposed to help me he wondered? Who could make things happen in the snow? Face Palm … of course … this is the perfect job for that fat guy with the reindeer up north. Snow for them was like warm sand for the Easter Bunny. All he had to do was convenience Santa to fill in just this once.

Sounding like he was at death’s door, Mr. Rabbit called the Fat Man. Begging, pleading, and of course lying his ears off, that crazy bunny conned Santa into dressing up the Reindeer in bunny ears to make the rounds dropping off Easter Baskets while he recovered from this bout of Bunny Flu. Promising Santa that all the baskets would be ready and waiting for him to pick up at the appropriate time, Bunny Boy called his travel agent and told her it was a go … get him on the next plane to Bora Bora for a week of sun, sand, and beautiful blue tropical water.

Away he went on vacation. True to her word Mother Nature blanketed the world with a freak snowstorm and Santa took over to make sure all the little children got their Easter Baskets on time. No one was the wiser that Santa and his faithful Reindeer pulled off Easter so that the Rabbit could soak up some sun!

Little did that sneaky Rabbit know while he as having the vacation of a lifetime that Mother Nature, the Jolly old Elf and even the Reindeer were plotting their revenge …

I wonder what is in store for our dear Easter Bunny when he returns … tell me what you think!

Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Short Story


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