Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 6

Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 6

I found Jack Kerouac’s writing later than most, but I love it and the following quote is perfect for this week’s prompt …


Kerouac Quote


Remember you are in charge of your words, there is no ‘right or wrong’ with this process other than to have FUN!

You have until Sunday, September 20, 2015 to share your writing. For those new to this challenge, please read the particulars under the third tab that says “read first” https://annieswritingchallenge.wordpress.com/writing-outside-the-lines/


Copyright © 2015 Annie

Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

18 thoughts on “Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 6

  1. Simple & Honest

    Can the key
    To simplicity
    Be just
    Fewer words

    May be the way
    So why is it
    So hard to
    Get to that

    In expression
    And in life
    A battle royal
    Engages me

    If not profound
    I’m satisfied
    Just to be
    Honest & free

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  2. The Storm

    The clouds roll in, angry and dark, joining together to cover the sky in a shroud of black. A flash of lights, the growing gloom, and I count… One…two… Three
    Ah… There it is… The answering rumble of thunder.
    I wait in silence for the chorus to begin the symphony that only the storm can play. The fizzle of the lightening, the answering drum of the thunder, the beat of the pouring rain.. The howling wind joins in the concert, and the music of the storm builds to a pounding crescendo. Lighting the sky, shaking the earth, soaking the ground, bending the trees…
    Howling in rage… Screaming in protest… Fierce, wild, punishing…
    And as the music slows to an eventual lullaby, a soothing calm slowly settles…and the sky drys her tears and falls into a peaceful slumber.

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